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Something in common

Posted on September 25th, 2015

I have discovered I am allergic to insect stings, particularly guèpes, frelons and taons, wasps, hornets and horse-flies, of which there are plenty here in summer. The stings produce a major localised swelling which is very uncomfortable and takes several days to subside. In this I am not alone. Our Welsh Springer Spaniel Saffy was stung in the mouth a while back and at the Louvre Museum I found a 2000 year old sculptured head with the same affliction……

Marché aux Puces

Posted on September 25th, 2015

Every Saturday and Sunday there is a marché aux puces, a flea market, at Porte de Vanves, an industrial suburb to the south-west of Paris. It’s easily accessible on the metro, with 380 mostly semi-professional dealers spread around the outskirts of a park. They offer a good range of small antiques at sensible prices and the limited crowd is entertained by an ancient pianist playing an equally decrepit piano. One dealer was selling stamps for making pressed metal badges including one recognising former soldiers of the First World War. A wider range of photos can be found HERE