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Roussillon cemetery

Posted on May 11th, 2016

Every village and town has a cemetery – many have two or more. Seldom tedious, cemeteries in Provence provide a valuable insight into local culture along with a glimpse into the past. What makes them interesting is the range of plaques from family members, friends and associations adorning the tombs. Apart from the usual exclamations of love and regret, the plaques frequently illustrate the hobby or trade of the departed friend, such as farming, hunting, pétanque or playing cards and many include photographs. Roussillon cemetery is a fine example, situated on a hill overlooking the red ochre houses of the village. More photographs of Roussillon cemetery are: HERE

Spring in the Luberon

Posted on May 5th, 2016

Another lovely spring walk this morning. Clear blue skies, marked only by vapour trails of planes headed south to Africa. A light wind and temperatures moving towards 20C. I startled a chevreuil, a medium-sized deer hiding in the undergrowth only five metres away. It ran off barking loudly. Yes, deer do bark. The church bell in Lacoste was ringing to call worshippers to prayer at the Ascension Day service.  Spring flowers bloom everywhere. Vines are rapidly sprouting new growth, so much so that further pruning is already underway. Asparagus has been available for several weeks. The cherry blossom is long gone, but the cherries are already developing well. It will be an early cherry crop this year. Photos of some spring flowers seen in recent weeks can…