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Quarry carvings

Posted on November 20th, 2016

The other side of our truffle-oak field, not 200 metres from the house, is a small abandoned quarry. More than ten metres deep, the stone-cutters created a subterranean vault. The quarry was abandoned well over fifty years ago, when the stone seam was exhausted or when accessibility prevented newer, more efficient cutting methods. Since then, perhaps 30-40 years ago, a local artist created some extraordinary carvings on the walls. Very few know of their existence and fewer have seen them. The artworks include Mexican-style symbols, a recessed staircase to nowhere and geometric patterns. Some are incomplete while others have been traced onto stone walls and never begun. More photos from the quarry can be found: HERE  

Carrières de Lumières

Posted on November 19th, 2016

The Alpilles hills south of Saint-Rémy de Provence are home to many ancient limestone quarries. At the village of Les Baux one former quarry has been transformed into a magical theatre of light where we went to see the current show on Marc Chagall, called Midsummer Night’s Dreams. Chagall’s works have been transformed into moving pictures projected onto many walls of the subterranean quarry. It is a stunning experience, accompanied by dramatic music and followed by a short show Alice’s Land inspired by Lewis Carroll.

Olive harvest

Posted on November 17th, 2016

Today Monsieur Thédonat came to harvest our olives. He is 84 and still farms several parcels of land around Ménerbes for table grapes, wine grapes, asparagus and potatoes. Several friends have held olive picking days, where everybody helps out but most time is spent at a convivial lunch. We have only two olive trees so our crop is far too small for processing, but Monsieur Thédonat can add our olives to his own. This year many trees have been attacked by the olive fly causing serious damage across southern Europe. The female fly injects her eggs directly into the fruit and the eggs hatch into maggots which eat the fruit. If affected olives have one hole the maggot is still inside the fruit, but…