Yesterday morning Saffy and I took our morning walk. We chose the two hour path through the forest along the hillside to Lacoste, then down the Old Lacoste Road to the valley below, following a circuit back via Font Pourqui√®re to arrive home. As we approach Lacoste the path becomes narrow and tricky, along the side of an incline. It’s not overly risky for sure-footed people in single file, but yesterday I was surprised to see horse poo on the path. Who would be reckless enough to ride a horse along this hazardous route? One hundred metres further Saffy froze, unwilling to proceed. She could sense danger. Sadly, just below the path was a dead horse, a beautiful animal in prime condition. It had tumbled off the path and probably broken its neck. Later during our walk I learned from a farmer that the pompiers were called but could not remove the body because of the difficulty of the terrain. The carcass is now rotting on the hillside, no attempt at burial, unwanted, no respect.