Domaine de l’Angèle is a small winery in the countryside behind Goult. Their wines are principally made from grenache, syrah and carignan and the syrah is wonderfully spicy. The winery is off the beaten track and today I took a wrong turn. The tarmac road ended in a grass lane, but I could see the winery on the next hill, so I kept going. The grassy track became narrower and in avoiding overhanging brambles I strayed too far to the right. The car slid gently into the ditch. Fortunately the winery was close by and the owners very obliging. There was some discussion about whether we needed a tractor or a 4WD or a quad bike, which ended in a tow from the 4WD. Happily no damage and the day ended well with excellent replenishments for the cellar. Nice people, nice wines.