Hunting dogs resting out of season

The hunting season has begun again, just for sanglier (wild boar) at the moment, but it will gradually open for other species soon. It is relatively quiet today but this is August, when all of France is on holiday. We expect the woods and fields to become hazardous from early September.
Last season 143 hunting accidents were reported across France, including eighteen deaths. Three of those deaths occurred while hunting small game, mainly rabbits, pheasants, partridge, hare, thrush and other small birds. The highest number of deaths, fifteen last season, was during large game hunting for deer and sanglier, of which there are plenty near us.
Local sanglier hunters employ chasse d’attente, where several guns lie in wait for sanglier to be driven towards them by large hunting dogs. The hunters race around in 4-wheel drives, communicating excitedly by mobile phone, and generally seem to have little regard for safety or property or the rules. We should not condone cruelty as a game……