This is a Livebox.  Apparently such boxes provide internet services for other people. 


Orange, the sales unit for France Telecom, confirmed our order for the internet on 10th November and shipped us the Livebox, which we received shortly after.  The box looks very smart and the lights flash.  Unfortunately that is the problem, because the orange flashing light second left should be green.  Orange have not switched on our ADSL line, so we don’t have the internet.

Numerous calls have been made to Orange.  Each person provides different and generally conflicting information, with assurances that all will be fixed.  Today I spent twenty minutes on the phone talking with “support”.   The outcome is that after one month, I still have no idea what the problem is; no idea who if anyone is dealing with it; no idea when it will be fixed; and there is no-one I can speak to to have it resolved.

Telstra – I take back everything I said about you.  All is forgiven.