Somehow we seem to have acquired quite a lot of food -temptations in the cupboard as we speak:


Honey from beehives on the roof of the mairie in the Paris 4th arrondissement; three kinds of chocolate blocks; a box of chocolate biscuits with dark chocolate tops; some very exclusive caramel sauce friends bought from Paris; a jar of Speculoos – a paste that tastes like Dutch biscuits and is served with crepes, brioche or with ice-cream – I’ve only had it straight from the spoon; a packet of thin crepes that you can just heat up and pretend you made yourself; several kinds of very yummy yoghurt; a jar of yellow apricot puree that is to die for; another of red apricot; yet another of framboise (raspberry); some Christmas Stollen cake; left-over raspberry tart; and potato chips. 

This would be unheard of in Paddington,  I have lost all restraint.